Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Love and Insurance

Posted by Teresa at 3:00 PM
The health care debate rages in D.C. Nobody debates that there has been
an increase in the number of uninsured. I was listening to a discussion about
relationships and gender roles in the modern era here and while listening to
the diavlog it made me think about the whole health care debate. Our society
has changed the way we view marriage. Today people are marrying at an older
age from previous generations and many are having children later in life and
more and more people are even choosing not to get married at all. What strikes
me from all the stories I read about the uninsured is that most are single. Young
adults make for the largest number of the uninsured

People in previous generations used to get married at earlier. So now
there is a bigger period of time between when a person in our society leaves
their parents' care and responsibility until they create their own family and
take on more adult responsibilities, for example, buying health insurance.

So if I may ask a provocative question: Perhaps, the increase in the uninsured
is related to our society's view of marriage and its decline?



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