Sunday, November 1, 2009

Spot the Bias!

Posted by Teresa at 1:53 PM
Let us play a game of "Can you spot the bias?" First here is an example from
the neutral and objective news organization, Associated Press:

WASHINGTON – From his home and on a friendly network,
Rush Limbaugh lobbed pot shots across the airwaves Sunday
at President Barack Obama — "immature, inexperienced, in
over his head," offering the country "radical leadership" and
laying siege to the economy.
The network was Fox News. Yes, Fox News tilts to the right. However,
Rush Limbaugh was interviewed by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday,
who usually does a good job of not inserting his opinion. When Obama
appears on MSNBC will the AP describe it as a "friendly network"? I think

Later in the article:

The banter began on the hourlong "Fox News Sunday," Limbaugh
the lone guest, interviewed from his home in Palm Beach, Fla., on a
network the Obama administration has labeled as the voice of the
far-right wing of the Republican Party.
This part is misleading because Rush Limbaugh was the lone guest, however,
it makes it seem like he was on for the full hour. He wasn't! They had 30 minutes
of round table discussion with their panelists, like every Sunday political news

Now for our second example of neutral and objective journalism, let us head over
to the New York Times. Excerpt:

Mr. Grayson could be the latest incarnation of what in the American
political idiom is known as a wing nut — a loud darling of cable television
and talk radio whose remarks are outrageous but often serious enough
not to be dismissed entirely. Mr. Grayson is the more notable because
he hurls his nuts from the left in a winger world long associated
with the right
First, I have know idea when The New York Times started using the slang
word "winger" in their official reporting, that is off putting. Wingers are
associated with the right? According to who? Just because everyone in your
liberal publication thinks "winger" is associated with the right doesn't make
it true. However, I must give kudos to The New York Times for even
reporting on the stupid things Representative Grayson says.

Another excerpt from The New York Times piece I found interesting:

Representative Barney Frank, Democrat of Massachusetts, who is
known for slinging devastating zingers at his political opponents, said
that Mr. Grayson had the potential to be a smart, serious lawmaker. He
said that Mr. Grayson needed to be careful to avoid inappropriate remarks like the one about Ms. Robertson but that the speech on
health care was
within bounds. “That was legitimate satire,” he said,
adding: “I welcome Grayson’s taking the fight to them. I think he has got to
be a little more careful about his punches, but I am glad he’s throwing them.”
Anyone else find it odd that Barney Frank finds what Grayson said about
Republicans wanting people to die (and possibly his remarks about Dick
Cheney...the sentence bolded doesn't include the Cheney comments)



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