Saturday, February 20, 2010

Barack Obama Should Be Happy With What Happened At CPAC Today

Posted by Teresa at 6:42 PM
President Barack Obama should be happy with what he saw today at
CPAC. Deep divisions in the Right revealed themselves at the
conservative gathering. Ron Paul won the CPAC straw poll, showing
that some in the conservative movement want the Republican Party
to move towards libertarianism and isolationism. This should make
the Republican establishment uneasy. The Republican Party is not
libertarian and I don't see it becoming libertarian anytime soon.

Something else that should make Barack Obama smile is that Glenn
Beck's speech was basically a GOP bashing fest. The GOP might take
back the House in November but when it becomes to choosing a leader
in 2012, I don't see it happening. There is too much division in the Right
and it won't be resolved anytime soon. And this "both parties suck"
rhetoric that Glenn Beck uses is just grease for a third party to come in
and split up the party.

The popularity of Beck and Paul at CPAC also shows that some in the
Right have moved to isolationism. Beck said that we should show liberty
and freedom by example and not impose it on other people. I think there
is a big schism in Right when it comes to foreign policy.

Barack Obama should be happy what happened at CPAC today.



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