Thursday, February 18, 2010

Joe Scarborough: Am I Not Conservative Enough?

Posted by Teresa at 11:48 AM
Here is a column by Joe Scarborough defending his conservatism. My issue
with Joe Scarborough isn't that he's not "conservative" enough or that he
criticizes the Republican Party. Criticize Republicans all you want, Joe. Fine
by me. However, what I don't like is the cheap shots. As Brent Bozell points
, you say stuff like this: "It is such a disservice to compare Sarah Palin in
any aspect to Howard Dean. Yes, because that is an insult to Howard Dean’s
intelligence." That isn't respectful criticism, it's a cheap shot.

Another thing that is off putting about Joe Scarborough is that he lets his
co-hosts like Mika Brzezinski and guests get away with saying some incredible
stuff without any response. If he's supposed to be the conservative voice
on Morning Joe then don't let liberal premises go unchallenged, which he
oftentimes does. Just look at this video from a recent panel discussion:

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Does it look like he challenges liberal premises to you?



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