Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Struggle

Posted by Teresa at 7:53 PM

This past Sunday I visited Lakewood Church. Lakewood Church is a
megachurch led by best selling author Pastor Joel Osteen. Pastor
Osteen's messages are always encouraging. He talks a lot about having
faith and confidence. Something struck me while I was visiting; I came
away with the impression that Pastor Joel Osteen might struggle with
a lack of confidence himself and his sermons aren't just for his audience
but himself. For example, at the end of the service he started
crying and said something to the affect that he doesn't deserve all

I also noticed that the few times flubbed during his sermon, he took
a while to recover. I didn't get the impression of a man that was fully
confident in his speaking abilities. I'm convinced God loves irony. How
ironic would it be if a man that constantly speaks of being a confident
child of God struggles with confidence? How ironic would it be if a
man who makes a good living speaking to large audiences isn't entirely
confident in his speaking abilities?

I don't know Joel Osteen (obviously) so everything I write is just the
impression I got. I, myself, struggle with insecurity and lack of
confidence so maybe I was seeing what I wanted to see. But if my
impression is right it is an incredible testimony to God's ability to use
even our perceived weaknesses.

We all struggle with something. However, that catch is learning how
to turn our struggle to something meaningful. Don't let your perceived
weaknesses hinder you from doing God's work.



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