Thursday, March 25, 2010

How Dangerous Can Glenn Beck Be?

Posted by Teresa at 11:58 AM
Jonah Goldberg says in this video ( seven minutes in) about Glenn
As long as the guy is arguing for limiting government
and libertarian principles, how dangerous could he possibly
As a conservative, frankly, I don't think Beck is as benign as Mr. Goldberg
does. Yes, he advocates for limited government but he has minuses.
He has a penchant for calling people fascists. He also comes off as
paranoid. I don't see how that helps.

I also think Beck represents a growing movement in the Right towards
a more isolationist foreign policy. I fear a growing consensus between
the Right and Left to focus on America and disengage from the rest of
the world. That is not so benign.

I'm all for a big tent. I realize not everyone in the Right is going to
agree on every issue. Even though Beck is eloquent on limited
government ultimately his rhetoric and paranoia does more harm
than good.
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