Tuesday, March 30, 2010

If The News Media Are Worried About Incendiary Speech, What About Hollywood?

Posted by Teresa at 8:59 AM
The news media have been going on and on about how incendiary
Sarah Palin's
(and other Republicans) rhetoric is.

If the news media are serious about incendiary speech, why
aren't they lecturing Hollywood? In the video above Ann
Curry complained about Sarah Palin using the word "reload."
There is a movie called "The Matrix Reloaded," does she find
that offensive too? When people complain about violence in
movies or television we usually hear the usual response, "It's
just a movie." In fact, when worry wart Ann Curry interviewed
Brad Pitt for his movie "Inglorious Basterds" she didn't seem
too worried about Quentin Tarantino's violent movies leading
to violence:

She says the film has "a little bit of violence." I've never
heard a Quentin Tarantino movie described as having a
"little bit of violence."

Here is an interview with Quentin Tarantino (whom has
created some of the most violent films of our time) and Ann
Curry doesn't bothered by the violence in the film:

There have been studies that conclude that television and movie
violence correlating to real life violence. In the U.K. two teenagers
boys killed a 13 year old
after watching the movie "Scream."
I don't think anyone really believes that the filmmakers of that
particular film are responsible for the death of that young boy.

The stuff I hear and see on television and film is way more
violent than anything I've heard Sarah Palin say or do but
that is not going to stop them from brandishing her and other
mainstream conservatives as inciting violence. If the talking
heads in the news media are really worried about inciting
violence then they would grill Hollywood filmmakers for the
stuff they produce.

All this talk about incendiary language is out to do one thing:
silence political speech. I'm not for censorship. I don't want
violent movies banned and I certainly don't want to shut up
political speech. It's funny how the liberals in the news media
who are crying foul over Sarah Palin's rhetoric in order to shut
her up would happily defend violence in television and movies.
It also shows how messed up their priorities are. Political speech
is way more important than artistic expression but they
defend the artists and not the politician.
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