Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Posted by Teresa at 5:33 PM

So this is the third book I have heard about where the writer,
a non-religious liberal, spends a certain amount of time among
conservative Evangelicals. Two of the authors spend time in
Lynchburg, Virginia, one attends Liberty University for a
semester and the other attends the late Jerry Falwell's church
for a year, as if this area solely represents the whole of the

Perhaps I should propose a book where I spend a year attending
the University of California - Berkeley? How will the people there
respond to a politically and socially conservative Texan, who's also
pro-military and religious? Any publishers want to take the bait?
(wink, wink)

Doesn't the fact these secular liberal authors have to spend time so
time among conservative Christians in order to better understand
them reveal how insulated they are? I know people who aren't
very religious and liberal, I really don't need to travel across the
country to become more understanding.
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