Thursday, March 4, 2010

The New Nerdy GOP

Posted by Teresa at 8:26 AM
I read this funny op-ed piece this morning about how the nerds in the
GOP are shining. Snort:

Today's anti-Washington spirit is a factor. Outsiders
have an advantage. Republicans have always fallen
hard for businessmen. And the jock-GOP culture
certainly remains strong (e.g – the popular moose
killing, basketball star, beauty queen gone governor,
Sarah Palin). As the president of the Michigan firm,
Bernie Porn, said: "The folks who are passionate
NRA members, I just don't see them partying with nerds."

But increasingly, nerds appear to be the life of the party.

Paul Ryan, the top Republican on the Budget Committee,
used his nerd skills last week to "unpack" the Senate
health care bill numbers. No less than George Will
has imagined Ryan as a future vice president.

Here is the ad mentioned in the op-ed:

I'm a little bit of a wonk myself so I'm going to naturally like this
trend in the GOP. I want people who can intellectually explain
why the policies of the Democratic party are problematic. Here's
Congressman Paul Ryan schooling President Barack Obama on
how the Democrats' health care bill will increase the deficit:

Who wouldn't want more of this?

Bring in the nerds!

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