Friday, March 12, 2010

Social Awareness

Posted by Teresa at 10:36 AM
I'm currently reading Courage and Consequence by Karl Rove.
It's been a good read so far. I have one passage that I wanted
to share which I think epitomizes why I am also a conservative.
Bush's experience with Project PULL was one reason
he became convinced that some of the values of the
60's- a rebellion against social and parental authority
that emphasized moral relativism and a frontal assault
on character-forming institutions-had undermined
communities and families. This was not the sum total of
the 1960s, of course; it was a decade of great strides in
civil rights and in social awareness. But there was a
downside to those years, and one that could be measured
in human terms. The '60s resulted in growing
on government through a collapse
of the family, along
with it, the habits of
responsibility, initiative, and hard
work that
give people dignity and self-worth.
Bush was
also interested in the role of "mediating structures"
such as church, neighborhood, and community groups in
fostering a more responsible society.
Social programs have unintended consequences that can lead
to huge social changes that aren't always good.
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