Friday, April 9, 2010

HuffPo Columnist: Where's the Left's Sarah Palin?

Posted by Teresa at 11:01 PM
Interesting column. She's wondering where is the Sarah Palin
equivalent on the Left. A female who can draw huge crowds
and is charismatic. All I can say is charisma is not something
you can reproduce. You either have it or not. Obviously,
Barack Obama and Sarah Palin have "it." I'm sure John McCain
wished he had "it" when running against Barack Obama.

There is something else I think makes it difficult for the Left
to have their own Sarah Palin. For the longest time the Democrats
have portrayed Republicans as a bunch of white males. So
Sarah Palin immediately sparked interest (even negative)
because she was a female in a supposedly all male club. Why
would a female Democrat spark same interest? The Democrat
Party, as we are told, is inclusive so would why would anyone
be shocked or intrigued by a female Democrat?
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