Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Have To Agree with Media Matters On This One

Posted by Teresa at 9:35 AM
Fox News should not be promoting the Tea Party. As Media
Matters points out
, many of the anchors of Fox News are
actively promoting the protests. Look at this ad for Cavuto's

I know Cavuto and Hannity fall under category of "opinion"
journalism. However, just because one falls under category of
a opinion doesn't mean it's ethical to actively promote a
protest. How can one trust your opinion if you're entrenched
in a certain movement? How would've conservatives reacted
if MSNBC or CNN actively promoted the Iraq War protests
the way Fox News is promoting the Tea Party protests?

Rupert Murdoch himself said that Fox News should not be promoting
the Tea Party:

Fox News' promotion of the Tea Party protests is activism
journalism. I don't like activism journalism when it comes
from the Right or Left.
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