Monday, April 12, 2010

There Is Hope for American Journalism!

Posted by Teresa at 1:56 PM
How can one be pessimistic about the future of journalism
when you hear wonderful news like this:
Three quarters of editors and news directors polled
say they have "serious reservations" about
government funding of journalism, and 78 percent
say the same thing about interest groups, primarily
for fear that independence can be compromised,
according to a study by the Pew Research Center's
Project for Excellence in Journalism.
They know if the government is funding them their paychecks
will dramatically decrease. Liberals talk up government funded
news stations like NPR, PBS, and C-SPAN but given the choice
I think they prefer watching or listening to news programs owned
by private entities.

My favorite quote from the piece:
"One thing they say is that we've got to figure this out
for ourselves," said Tom Rosenstiel, Pew's director.
"We can't wait for Big Brother to help us."
May American journalism live on (online of course)!

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