Friday, April 2, 2010

What is Ralph Peters Talking About?

Posted by Teresa at 2:54 PM
I usually enjoy Ralph Peters columns but I have no I idea
what he is talking about here:
No individual who broke the law to enter this
country should ever be allowed to decide who
becomes our president, governor, senator—or
town council member. If there is one message
patriotic Americans must act upon during
the remainder of Obama’s reign, it’s this:
No voting rights for illegals.
Can someone give me an example of ONE politician who wants
to give voting rights to people who aren't American citizens?
I can't think of one. I don't think anyone would be dumb
enough to give non-citizens voting rights. Is Ralph Peters
talking about granting amnesty to people who are illegally?
Once they are granted amnesty they are naturalized
citizens. Is Ralph Peters seriously suggesting taking away
voting rights of people who are citizens? If he wants to argue that
illegals shouldn't be granted amnesty, that is one thing, but to
argue that once American citizens they shouldn't be allowed to
vote is crazy talk.
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