Sunday, January 2, 2011

Is Believing In Hell Immoral?

Posted by Teresa at 11:20 AM
I've heard it said a couple of times from different people that
they don't believe in Hell because they believe the thought
of living in eternal damnation is "immoral." Well I believe that
not believing in Hell is immoral. All it takes is a few minutes
of watching the evening news to realize there is a whole lot of
evil in the world. Its also obvious that some of the evil done
in this world will not and can not receive justice here on Earth.

So if you don't believe in Hell but believe in a Heaven, where
do you think the souls of the evil go? Heaven? So if both the
good and evil go to Heaven, what's the point of Heaven? And
if you don't believe in Heaven or Hell, please explain to me the
morality behind an evil person who has wrecked havoc on
Earth but never received Earthly "justice" to be able to die
without ever facing the consequences of his/her deeds?
That to me is immorality!
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