Saturday, June 11, 2011

Standing for Something

Posted by Teresa at 2:38 PM
It's hard to actually believe in something; to stand for something.
When you believe in something you actually have to be held
accountable for your beliefs. Life is an easy summer breeze
when you don't claim to have a distinct moral system. "Hypocrite!,"
they yell when you fall short of your proclaimed values.

The cry of "Hypocrite!" is the favorite slur of people who
attempt to discredit people of religious beliefs. Example:

This makes no sense to me. Just because people don't always
live up to their beliefs doesn't mean the whole belief system
should be thrown out. People don't always live up to marriage
vows but does that mean we should do away with marriage?
I think not. Christians don't always live up to the example
Christ set for us, but that does not mean Christianity has
been discredited.

We are flawed human beings. We aren't always going to
live up to the standards we set up for ourselves. And
sometimes those standards are incredibly high. Just
because you might fall short doesn't mean you should
aim high. Aim high! And if you don't hit the target. Shoot

Don't fear being called hypocrite. I would rather be
called hypocrite and believe in something than to
never be called hypocrite and believe in nothing.
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