Sunday, August 21, 2011

This is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life

Posted by Teresa at 4:18 PM
I know this feeling all too well.
WASHINGTON Lisa Banks feels hopeless. She's lost an
essential part of her identity: Her status as a proud
full-time employee is gone.

Ever since the 44-year-old Germantown, Md., resident
was laid off from her job as an administrator for a federal
contractor in May 2009, she's sent out hundreds of
resumes, but only had four interviews. She says she's
depressed enough to try to seek out psychological help.
But no luck there either: She doesn't have insurance to pay
for it.

'I feel as if I'm invisible'

"I've worked all my life. I've been a decent person,"
she said. "(But now) I feel as if I'm invisible. Like
I'm not worth anything to society anymore."
I wasn't working for the longest time and it really took a
mental toll on me. I felt worthless. I felt like a complete
utter failure. I felt like a complete useless human being.
I couldn't look people in the because of the shame. It
was truly a humbling experience. Here I was an educated
woman having trouble finding employment.

I also isolated myself because of the shame and plus there
is not much you can do with no money. Isolation makes
everything worst.

I was looking for worth in my employment status instead
of where it really lies: God. I am a worthy creature because
God made me, whether I'm employed or not.

For anyone who is unemployed reading this I want you
to know you are worth so much. Don't give up hope.
Don't let rejection stop you. Wake up in the
morning and keep going. Keep your head up. God loves

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