Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Why I'm Supporting Newt

Posted by Teresa at 10:21 AM
I'm gonna start my post by saying that no candidate
is perfect. No human is perfect. But I think for
conservatives Newt Gingrich is the best available

There are only two serious candidates. (There
could have been four serious candidates if Jon
Huntsman didn't act so arrogantly and Rick Perry
could actually articulate his message.) The two serious
candidates are Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney.
Look, I like some of the other candidates that are
running but let's face it they're not going anywhere
for various reasons. Both Bachmann and Santurom's
records are thin.

Here are the reasons why I support Newt. First,
I believe he's more conservative than Romney. I know
my fellow conservatives say, "But he sat on the couch
with Nancy Pelosi for that global warming PSA!" Yes, I
think global warming is a bunch of nonsense. I
also would prefer my candidates not to be a flip-
flopper on Cap-and-Trade. But at least he flipped
in the right direction. He's also flipped on a individual
mandate in health care. But again at least he
flipped in the right direction. Romney still supports
the individual mandate. And Newt's actual legislative
record is pretty conservative. As Speaker he
passed Welfare Reform and a balanced federal
budget. That's conservative to me!

The main concern for many conservatives is spending.
I trust Newt over Mitt to cut the spending. Mitt used
federal funds when his state was in budget crisis.

I also don't trust Mitt Romney in appointing judges
to the Supreme Court. He's flipped flopped on abortion
and gay marriage. Newt hasn't. The Supreme Court
has four big government liberals, four conservatives
and one that swings both ways. So the next Republican
president is gonna have a battle in his/hers hands!
Who do you trust to fight that battle? Mitt or Newt?
I trust Newt.

There is another reason why I support Newt that
has nothing to do with his record. Newt is charismatic
and that's important going up against President Obama.
I know charisma is superficial but unfortunately
we live in a superficial media world. I have a hard time
sitting through a Mitt Romney interview or speech.
He's just dull. I have no such problem with Newt
Gingrich. You either have charisma or you don't.
President Obama has it. Newt Gingrich has it.
Unfortunately, Mitt Romney doesn't. If we weren't
running against Barack Obama I would say Mitt's
lack of charisma is a non-issue. We can't put up a
bland candidate against President Obama.

I also appreciate that Gingrich is an intellectual and
articulate. The way Gingrich talks about American
history with such passion and a breadth of knowledge
is inspiring. I'm tired of conservatives being portrayed
as a bunch of dimwits by the media. To be fair Romney
is also an intellectual and articulate.

So those are the main reason why I'm supporting
Mr. Gingrich in the Republican primary. I live in Texas
so there is plenty of time till I vote and things can change.
But so far this is who I am backing.
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