Monday, April 1, 2013

Fashion Tips for Petite Women

Posted by Teresa at 4:04 PM
I'm in my thirties but I feel like I just learned how to dress for
my petite body. I feel like I spent most of my teenage years
and early twenties wearing ill-fitted clothing. I learned some
tips that I thought I would share that can help other petite women.

1) Shop at the petite section! I know this sounds obvious but
for years I was embarrassed to shop at the petite section. I guess
I wanted to shop where everyone else does. Also, whenever
I would pass the petite section it seemed like clothing for much
older women. Some department stores do have petite sections
that leave much to desire but not all. Take the time to see which
places have styles that suit you. I must say Macy's has an incredible
section for petite women. I don't have to alter their pants. Their
blouses fall at all the right places.

2) Alterations. My mom hems up my pants for me. I've also taken
some of my pants to get altered. It makes such an difference. I
would spend so much time rolling up my pants!

3) No heels with thick straps. As much as I think heels with
thick straps are lovely, they seem to shorten me. They cut off
my legs right where I need to be lengthened!

4) No Zooey Deschanel dresses. 

Ms. Deschanel is known for her girly style. It's super cute and feminine.
It looks wonderful on her. My petite size already has people thinking
she looks so young.....I don't need my clothes have people saying "Wow!
She looks 12!"  I love dresses but I just don't wear anything too frilly.

5) No bulky jackets. Bulky jackets overpower someone with a petite
frame. I avoid long jackets altogether.

6) Avoid skinny jeans. I have seen some petite women who have looked
great in skinny jeans. I tend to avoid them. They shorten me.

I thought I would leave with you some petite Hollywood starlets who are
extremely fashionable. You know these petite women have professional
stylists so it wouldn't hurt to take a look at how they dress their small frames.

Hayden Panettiere

Eva Longoria

Jada Pinkett Smith
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