Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Why I Support Mark Driscoll

Posted by Teresa at 6:04 PM

A couple of years ago I started listening to online sermons
by Pastor Mark Driscoll. I thought his blunt style was
refreshing. Those not familiar with the evangelical
community might not have heard of him or the recent
controversy he's got in. But even The New York Times
is noticing now.

First, I want to say I don't condone all of his action or words.
He's apologized. However, I am not gonna throw my
Christian brother under the bus.

Let me just be completely honest: I am SICK and tired of going
to church and church events and it mostly being attended by
women. Women outnumber men in church attendance. At Mars
Hill, the church Driscoll pastors, men make up 50 percent of the
congregation. Whatever you have to say about Pastor Driscoll,
he is doing something right. He's reaching an audience that
the Church needs. So maybe instead of attacking him some
Christian leaders should be asking him what he's doing right.

I actually think part of the reason he's in trouble is the same
reason he appeals to men. He's not politically correct. He's
blunt. He doesn't mince words. He has a sharp tongue. He's
very practical. All qualities I think men can relate to. When
did the Church become politically correct?

The Word of God is not political correct. It can be abrasive
sometimes. It can be blunt. The Bible is not all sunflowers
and roses. So many popular pastors only talk about God's
love and encouragement, which is all fine and well, but
that's not the totality. So I admire Pastor Driscoll for delving
to heavier topics.

Maybe Pastor Driscoll appealed to a certain demographic
because so much of American Christianity is safe and toothless
and he was offering something different. This is why I
support him:

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