Saturday, June 25, 2005

Houston is not that bad

Posted by Teresa at 3:43 PM
I hate the way the media portrays Texas!!!!

What is up with Tom DeLay comparing Houston Tx to Iraq.
I've lived in Houston for a summer and I don't remember being shot at.
And then I heard someone in an NPR radio show jokingly say that Houston
is worst. THAT IS SO MEAN!
Sure Houston has won the most polluted U.S. city award ( I still have no idea how it beat L.A.) and it was also awarded the fattest U.S. city.
I still like Houston .....
it is a diverse place, has great restaurants (might have something to do with the second award I mentioned????) .....
and is about the only place in Texas that actually has things to do.


LoneStarStateGal on 2:06 PM, July 09, 2005 said...

I live in Houston and I've never felt unsafe or unwelcome. It is an extremely huge city, but this is Texas, and we are friendly southerners!


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