Thursday, January 12, 2006


Posted by Teresa at 7:39 AM
Here is an interesting post from :

The 11 most common misconceptions about atheists:

1. Atheists hate god/are jealous of theists
2. Atheists are arrogant and don’t want anything “superior” to them
3. Atheists have never experience religion
4. Atheists have never read/don’t understand the bible
5. Atheists just don’t want to receive the truth
6. Atheists are bitter/angry
7. Atheists just don’t want to admit they sin
8. All atheists support abortion/evolution/liberal politics/communism/fascism/etc
9. Atheists are gay
10. Atheists want to destroy/limit religion
11. Atheists think they know everything

Here is my response to her post:
I would like to state some misconceptions some people have of Christians

1. Christians are usually white males… therefore…. racist and sexists.
-My counter arguement— I am a hispanic female…. I am not a racist or sexist and none of my Christian friends are neither.

2. Christians must not be that smart to believe.

-My decision to follow Christ has been an intellectual process, just as much as a spiritual. For C.S, Lewis it was also an intellectual process.

3. Christians want to turn America to a theocracy.
-No Christian that I know wants to turn America into a theocracy….
and frankly I’m getting tired of the jokes that suggests so. <>
4. Christians are nuts.
-There are nutcases in every race, religion and gender.

5. Christians are way too old fashion….. we want to live in the Midevil times—- (i’ve actually been told this one)

- Well I can only speak for myself…. I am 23 so I’m not old..I really don’t care what society tells me is modern beliefs…. I just try to be myself.

6. We go to church on Sundays and listen to pastors spew homophobic comments for hours.

-Most pastors are educated people who have more better things to preach about.

7. Christians have archaic views of sex and woman roles.
- I personally I am not sure if I ever want to get married and I don't know child rearing if for me. I want to be a career woman.



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