Sunday, June 18, 2006

Another dance vid

Posted by Teresa at 6:09 PM
I am dancing to PCDs' song Buttons
Check it out.


Anonymous said...

this is really good. great moves. it takes alot of courage to make a dance video. i know i could never do it. im too shy!

Anonymous said...

oh yeah its me marina...graet video.. love ya.
p.s. i no longer have my blog, i had to delete it because it reminded me too much of you know who plus the fact that almost every entry had to do with him..yeah. had to go

Anonymous said...

you go, girl!

Anonymous said...

Hi my beautiful sister... You always did show me up when it came to dancing. Love ya

Vanessa said...


You've been practicing haven't you. I guess I better put my game face on and be ready for you when you come back to TEXAS. Love ya.

Anonymous said...

very hot stuff! i'm attempting to learn to dance . . . surfing the web to see what i can find . . . i love your vid and i think it's really cool you posted something like that . . . thanks!

Slicer said...

Thanks for helping me erase DD's version from my mind!

Keep dancin'!!


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