Thursday, March 15, 2007

Guest VJ contest

Posted by Teresa at 3:39 PM

MTV is conducting a contest to be
a guest VJ on TRL. I decided
to submit an application for
fun. I thought I would share
my answers to their questions.

1. Which celebrity would you cast in
the movie of your life, and why?
Whoever could best play a short, prudish
Hispanic girl from rural South Texas.
Maybe Paris Hilton?

2. If we asked your best friends to describe you,

what would they say?
I don't have friends (they are so overrated) but
my acquaintances would describe as shy,
introspective with a dark sense of humor.

3. You get to pick the ultimate TRL guest list,
who's on it and why?
Justin Timberlake because I've been a huge fan
since I was 16. Jennifer Lopez because I'm Hispanic
and I feel obligated. Britney Spears to find out what
the hell is wrong with her. One day she's in rehab
then she's out. She's married then she's divorced.
One day she's Baptist and then the next she's wearing
the Star of David.

4. How would you describe TRL to someone
that has never seen the show?
A music video countdown aimed at a young
audience. The hosts are energetic. It is interactive
because it is rudely interrupted by viewer comments.
Perfect for people with short attention spans!

5. What makes you stand out in a room?
I would like to say my immense and overwhelming
beauty but that would be a huge lie.
If I were to ever to stand out in a room it would probably
be because of my sense of humor.



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