Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Anti-war protest

Posted by Teresa at 10:51 PM
Liberals like to compare the Iraq War to Vietnam.
Well the lack of public support of the Iraq War
is not the only thing that reminds me of Vietnam.
These pictures of an anti-war protest
have been making waves in the blogsphere.
I think the lack of respect for

the military is also reminiscent of the Vietnam

I realize these crazies in the pictures don't
represent most Americans who oppose the
war. I understand and share the sentiment of the
majority of Americans frustration with the war.
But when does disapproval just turn to disrespect?

Where's the anger towards Al-Qaida?
To these protesters America and

our government is the big bad wolf.
Maybe the true threat to America
is self-loathing.


The False Ulysses on 11:36 PM, March 21, 2007 said...

fight war, not wars!

Anonymous said...

Seriously - this is NOT a representation of most of the war protesters. This is more like the "mushroom cloud" that we were warned about when Dipwad and his Chickenhawks "justified" the war in Iraq. It's an extreme view and it should be offensive to 99% of AMERICANS, democrat or republicrat. It is good right-wing propaganda, but it is not based in mainstream REALITY. Just like "we're winning the war on terror" and all the other lies this administration has told us. Where's Osama? Where's Mullah Omar? Right wingers say that we've "crushed" Al Qaeda and the Taliban, but REALITY is that we let them get away - and they're COMING BACK!!! Bush 1 would have decimated them with overwhelming force, and the entire world would have been standing at our side. Bush 2, who "speaks for Jesus," let them get away and then started a war that he wanted to "fight" - based on incredible lies. And what is the result? The destruction of Iraq and terrible destabilization of the region. Is this intended to bring about the "end of days" or is it just a moron acting on his wet dreams? Impeachment is too good for him and his cronies. Turn them over to the Iraqis and let them mete out their punishment. Is this about the wrathful god of the old testament, or about the ministry of the new testament?

Who would Jesus bomb?

Teresa on 10:35 AM, April 09, 2007 said...

Thanks for leaving a comment anonymous.
Like I said in my opinion,
I know that these protesters don't represent the whole anti-Iraq war movement, which is the majority of Americans.
But still strikes me as upsetting

Anonymous said...

Not upsetting, but disgusting and misguided. Food for thought from James Madison, regardless of your religion (Madison was religious).


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