Friday, April 20, 2007

Headlines 4/20/07

Posted by Teresa at 5:15 PM
Gunman at Space Center - All this violence is just
Abortion: Back in the hot seat - Well, abortion
always seems to be in the hot seat. What do
you think of the Supreme Court ruling? Is banning
late term abortion an unfair or fair ban? I honestly
need to research more about it.
Creativity: An Occupational Hazard? - Do you think
creative types are more depressed? This article
seems to say it is true.
'Law and Order' not doing so good - Apparently having
several episodes with the hypocritical homosexual pastor
being the perpetrator isn't resonating. I guess I'll just have to
watch reruns of the good episodes, the ones with Jerry Orbach.
Finding your religion - Because who wants to be
inconvenienced by you know, The Creator.
Bye, Bye, Bye to Sanjaya - Sanjaya, the mediocre Idol singer,
finally got the pink slip by America. Truthfully, I really
didn't think he was all that bad. Then again, as a teenager,
I was a big fan of Nsync and Britney. So I wouldn't really
trust my music taste.


anthropositor on 3:28 PM, April 21, 2007 said...

Perhaps my post on genocide will lend a bit of perspective and proportion to this attention to these isolated incidents of maniacal violence.


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