Saturday, April 7, 2007

With the touch of the hand

Posted by Teresa at 10:08 AM

In this episode of House, the creepy
doctor gets touched by the fetus he
is about to operate on. Earlier in the
episode he refused to call the unborn
child a baby and insisted it was only
a fetus.


Norm & Debra on 10:47 PM, April 08, 2007 said...

we just watched that episode, a good one, eh? a good character building episode too

Anonymous said...
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Teresa on 8:54 AM, April 09, 2007 said...

Norm and Debra,
It was a good episode.
I just recently learned about this great this show.

anthropositor on 2:00 PM, May 06, 2007 said...

I have watched a few episodes of House, largely because this "creepy doctor" reminded several of my friends of me. I must admit that I was able to see some similarities.

I did not see the particular episode you describe, but it reminds me unfortunately of an incident perhaps ten years ago when I came upon a terrible accident which had just occurred.

I saw an infant that had been thrown from one of the cars. I rushed over. The baby appeared to be unscathed. I did not move her. She gripped my finger in her little hand. Then she died.

I am told I screamed. I don't remember that. I still dream of her now and then. I wish that would stop. Strange how quickly bonding can occur.


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