Saturday, May 12, 2007

Finding meaning

Posted by Teresa at 1:18 PM
I remember in high school, I was debating an atheist(who later
said she was Catholic because that's what her mom said) and we
were debating the existence of God. During the debate she asked me,
"Why would God let a young, innocent six year old die?"

The question kind came out of nowhere. I have no idea why she in her
rhetorical question she used a certain age. Perhaps, I thought in our
discussion we were speaking in hypotheticals but she was speaking from
experience. Or she was trying to give specifics to make a more emotional

The question bothered me. I really didn't know how to respond to that
question. How does one respond to the question of human suffering?
It is so hard. However, I don't believe non-believers have a sufficient
answer to the question either.

I thought about it for a minute and I went up to her later and asked her
something like, "Then if there is no God then what was the meaning of that
child's six years of life ?" I honestly can't remember exactly how she answered.

I was young and stupid maybe it wasn't the best response. I think as humans
we try to find meaning and purpose for our life and suffering.

Today I remembered a scene from House where the atheist doctor is trying
find out why a young Christian girl who was raped won't abort.



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