Thursday, May 10, 2007

Reaction to Nightline Debate

Posted by Teresa at 7:19 PM
I watched the Nightline debate on Atheists vs. Christians.
I must admit it was poorly argued by both sides. Above you

can see I have edited together some highlights. I wanted to

responded to one of the questions an atheist, Brian Sapient,

brought up in the discussion. He asked, "If God is the creator
than who created God?"

My response: I believe that God has always existed and
is not in need of a creator. As humans we have a day that
we are born and a day when we die. Therefore, it is difficult
for people to grasp that idea that an entity could not have a
beginning and end. It boggles the mind. As a child the thought
of forever scared me. I would stay up at night thinking how it is
possible that time would never cease. But that thought no
longer perplexes me.

I believe we have become a materialist society and I am
not talking in terms of possessions. We can only think in terms
of what we can see, touch, and hear and anything outside that realm
is illogical. But when we view the world in these terms we restrict
ourselves, the complexity of life and our role as humans in this universe.


Jason on 3:11 PM, May 11, 2007 said...

We're on the other side of the how-we-view-reality continuum in relation to the ancients. Where as they saw spirit in everything, we see everything as matter. I think both sides are wrong, as we have both spirit and matter.

Teresa on 4:45 PM, May 11, 2007 said...


I 100% agree with your comment.
We are both spirit and matter.
We have to focus on both.


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