Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Headlines: The Mostly Iraq Edition

Posted by Teresa at 2:43 PM
Democrats send Bush a timeline- Is it possible this war
has an end at sight? "We are now one signature away
from ending the war," said Senator Obama.
April: Deadliest Month this Year in Iraq- The deaths of
more than 100 American troops in April made it the
deadliest month so far this year for US forces in Iraq.
Tenet gets book deal and spills the beans on TV- "Well,
we didn't believe al Qaeda was gonna do Saddam
Hussein's dirty work," Tenet says. So now he says it
wasn't a slam dunk case. All this intelligence would have
been useful let's say, for example, in 2002. I'm
just saying.
Japanese Hospitals test 'Baby Hatch'- Japan's first "baby hatch",
where mothers can drop off babies they can't care for, completed
a test-run on Tuesday with a doll, clearing the way for the
controversial facility to start operating in about a week.
We have safe haven laws here in the US.
Rotten Teeth- Tooth decay on the rise for kids. Hold the
sugar please.



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