Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Soulless Eyes

Posted by Teresa at 11:15 AM

I try not to write too much about celebrities
because I think it is all gossipy and superficial.
But I do see a dangerous trend and I want to
address it.

Party girls Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and
Lindsay Lohan have all recently been in trouble.
Paris is set to go to jail for a DUI and then evading
her probation, Lindsay crashed her car and
drugs were found in the wreck and now is in rehab,
Britney just got out of rehab.

Hollywood has always sold the public a party lifestyle.
The lifestyle of drinking all night, casual sex, and club
hopping. But now it has come back to haunt them.
They are seeing their talent (I use the term loosely)
self-destruct before their very own eyes. And if you
think self-destruct is too harsh of a word I give you
one name- Ann Nicole Smith.

I guess what makes the recent cases unique is because
now it is females who are partying hard. I believe they have
bought into the "Sex and the City" lie. Females should
smoke like the boys do, drink like the boys do, and have
casual sex just like the boys. But they forgot to mention
one crucial thing, the partying bachelor is probably
one of the most unhappiness, loneliness beings on Earth.
The smile on the person in the alcohol ad is huge lie.

When you see images of these girls' eyes they are vacant and most
importantly they are soulless. They have a void, an emptiness
that can only be filled by God. These party girls have wealth,
fame, and can party all night but there is still something missing
in their lives.

I wish all these celebrities the best in their struggles and I hope
they find their souls again. But most importantly I wish the
best for the girls' in the general viewing audience that have also
bought into the lie but don't have a fancy rehab facility in Malibu
to go to.


Jason on 12:04 PM, June 01, 2007 said...

I for one am getting tired of seeing their pictures on every other web site. There's got to be some type of Paris Hilton pic blocker out there.


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