Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Why We Watch

Posted by Teresa at 12:07 PM
I read this interview with 'Arrested Development'
actor Tony Hale, who is graduate of the same
Christian grad school I went to. He talks
somewhat about being a Christian in the
entertainment business. I am always interested
in these types of interviews because I imagine
it is difficult for someone of faith to be in a business
that often portrays sin graphically. Where does an
actor draw a line on what is appropriate to play and
what is not?

I am a creative type. When I was younger I often considered
a career in acting and I even majored in Communication
with an emphasis on media studies in college. But this very
issue has made me content that I never full heartily pursued
this path. Do not misinterpret me. I am not one of those people
that call all of Hollywood as immoral. Hey, I'm still a
television addict till this day.

As a business I believe the entertainment sector
needs to assess why they have to have sex, violence,
and even drug use in their plots to tell a compelling story.
And as a society we need to evaluate why we continually watch.

Another interesting topic brought up in the interview
was consumerism in the Church. You know the whole Christian
t-shirt, book, music, ect. It find it isolating. I feel that now some
pastor's get into ministry for that Rick Warren book deal.
Here is what Hale said:

Yes. Consumerism comes from our fear. We’re afraid
that we’re going to have to have questions or make
sacrifices for Christ. Weird and ironic as this is: it’s in
the challenges and the things I fear the most, where my
faith is most strengthened. Faith doesn’t come in a Hallmark
package. On the other hand, when we try to create Utopia,
like many cultures do, Christian cultures included, when we
try to create Pleasantville, that’s when we’re going to hit a
brick wall. And it’s not going to be pretty.

Ok, I'm going to go watch Kill Bill now... just kidding.



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