Saturday, June 2, 2007

Fairness Doctririne: Where Have Thy Gone?

Posted by Teresa at 9:42 PM
Once upon a time there was something
called the 'Fairness Doctrine'. During the
era of fairness people with political messages
demanded equal time and they received
it. I was just a wee little girl during this time.

But then came the year 1985 and the course for
political discourse was about to receive a major change.
The FCC issued its Fairness Report, asserting that the
doctrine was no longer having its intended
effects ( When Congress voted to make
fairness a law it was vetoed by President Reagan.

Fairness or political speech has never been the
same. Partisan cable news networks and newspapers and
numerous attack ads persist among the land.

Question of day:
Should the Fairness Doctrine be brought back?


Privatestock said...

America is Capitalism. What we hear on the radio should be based on what there's a paying market for, and nothing else. Our government should not dictate what we are allowed to hear or see. Liberal radio fails either because there's not enough of a market for it (which is my hope) or because it hasn't been done well enough. If you air something that people want to hear, they will listen.


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