Saturday, June 2, 2007

When Comedy Goes Bad

Posted by Teresa at 10:23 PM
Professional comedians and your local class
clowns are known for being quick witted.
The good ones often are able to give a snappy
responses in a second. But I've been thinking
isn't that a recipe for disaster?

Let me explain. Well, doesn't the best communication
happen when you think about what you say before you
say it? But oftentimes in comedy, such as in improvisation,
you are asked to be fast on you feet. You've heard the term
'comedic timing'- right?

Granted, I know, stand up comics work on their material
for ages. That's why we hear people like Chris Rock and
Carlos Mencia repeat the same material. But a lot are
known for being funny and quick witted off the stage too.

All I know is that some of the funniest things I've said have
happened when I didn't have that much time to think and
just gave a fast response. And of some the stuff I wish I never said,
joke gone bad, happened when I didn't really think it

I guess my point is I wish I could quickly self edit my jokes.
I've been thinking about taking improv classes.
Perhaps it will help me with this better.
If there are any professional comedians reading
this tell me what you think?



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