Monday, June 4, 2007

The Green

Posted by Teresa at 5:02 PM
Ok, two opinion articles caught my eye today. The first
is an article by Oliver Thomas, in which he challenges
Christians to take up the cause of global warming. I have
talked about this issue on my blog before. He writes:

"Despite all that, and the fact that 90% of us say we
believe in God, most Americans appear reluctant to
begin making the sacrifices necessary to address global
warming. Evangelical Christian leaders in particular seem
to be dragging their heels. So, why the hesitation? Why
aren't more Christians trading their SUVs for hybrids,
turning down the thermostat and writing letters to Congress?"

The second is titled "Falling behind Dad," and no author is
given. The article talks about men in their 30s not making
as much as their fathers at the same age. Here is a quote:

For generations, it has been an article of faith among American
parents that their children would be better off economically
than they were.

That may be changing. At least one group of Americans, men in their
30s, now are earning less than their fathers did at the same age.
In 1974, the U.S. median income for men in their 30s stood at
$40,210 in today's inflation-adjusted dollars. In 2004, median pay
in that age group stood at $35,010.



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