Monday, June 4, 2007

The '08 Candidates so far

Posted by Teresa at 3:29 PM
I watched the Democratic candidates debate
last night. I think Wolf Blitzer and CNN did
a good job. It seems like some of the candidates
were frustrated because not enough time
was allotted for each question. I put a quick synopsis
of what I think about the presidential candidates
(Democrat and Republican) so far. Here it is:

Sen. Hillary Clinton- Although many in the media like to
portray her as a ultra-liberal bordering on socialist
I think she is actually fairly moderate on most of the issues.
My problem with her is it seems like she follows
public opinion polls much like her husband did. I think
the main reason she takes such moderate positions is because
she is following the public. While giving the public what they want
is great but what if the public needs to be challenged on a issue?
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Sen. Barack Obama- He is an inspiring speaker. He focuses
on uniting the country in his speeches. From the 2008
bunch so far he seems to be the best communicator. I like that
he was against the war from the beginning although he wasn't
able to vote against it. Unlike other Democrats he has been
consistent on the Iraq issue. My issue with him is that he
doesn't have the experience other candidate have.

John Edwards- I like that he really uses the web in his campaign.
He is not afraid to challenge the front runner (Sen. Clinton).
I don't like that he said the War on Terror is a bumper sticker
slogan. I think he might becoming to cozy with liberal
extremist. Last night the people of Daily Kos thought he won

Rudy Giuliani- I think he did great job as Mayor of New York
City during the Sept. 11 attacks. He appears to be a straight
shooter. However, I don't know how he would do in the national

John McCain- He has an honorable military service record. He
spoke against torture. I think from all the candidates he used
the most strong language on fighting terrorism. However, it
seems like it would be more of the same in Iraq, when most
Americans agree we need a change of course.

Mitt Romney- I really don't know too much about him yet. I
really need to look into his record as Gov. of Mass.



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