Friday, June 1, 2007

Headlines 6/01/2007

Posted by Teresa at 9:59 AM
Dr. Kevorkian out of prison - I'm surprised he is out
so soon.
Faith in the 2008 campaign- Democratic Sens Hillary Clinton
and Barack Obama have hired strategists to focus
on reaching religious voters. Do you really need a
strategists to tell you what a certain group is thinking?
Aren't they on the campaign trail how about they just
ask them personally? Here is some advice from a religious
person: Just talk about faith authentically. If your not
much of a "religious" person that is fine just be honest.
And I am not dumb I can spot a fake a mile away.

Putting God on Trial - Professor Peter Irons has a new
book that deals with First Amendment religious cases.
He seems biased on the issue from the interview so I
am not sure how balanced the book is.
Bad morning sickness leads to a abortion- A woman who
was suffering with horrible morning sickness has an
abortion. She later finds out she has a condition that is
treatable and her doctor never told her about it.



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