Sunday, June 17, 2007

Headlines 6/17/07

Posted by Teresa at 3:55 PM
Some of the these articles are somewhat old
but I still wanted to link to them.

When it comes to your sons, schools miss the mark-
The article states, regardless of ethnicity, the graduation
rate for boys is lower than that for girls. Nearly three-fourths
of girls make it through high school but only two-thirds of boys.
The article goes on to suggest a possible verbal gender gap.
Should Science Speak to faith?- This is a discussion between
science professors, Lawrence Krauss and Richard Dawkins,
on the "the best ways to oppose religiously motivated threats
to scientific practice or instruction."
Pluto still really small- Pluto is not even the biggest dwarf
Baptists see atheists books as panic- "If you shoot down an alley
and you hear a yelp, you know you've hit something," said Mark
Coppenger, a professor at the Kentucky-based Southern Baptist
Theological Seminary.
30 percent of Cubans are overweight- And here I thought this
was an American problem



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