Monday, June 11, 2007

Is there hostility towards Christianity?

Posted by Teresa at 8:30 PM
The people of Barna Group has posted results on a new
. Here are some of the interesting findings:

-Most atheists and agnostics (56%) agree with the idea
that radical Christianity is just as threatening in America
as is radical Islam. Two-thirds of Christians (63%) who have
an active faith perceive that the nation is becoming more
hostile and negative toward Christianity.

-Perhaps partly due to the younger nature of the audience,
atheists and agnostics are more likely than are active-faith
adults to say they are into new technology (64% among no-faith
individuals versus 52% among active-faith adults) and to assert
that they adapt easily to change (81% versus 66%). Atheists
and agnostics are also significantly less likely to say they are
convinced they are right about things in life (38% versus 55%).

-One of the most significant differences between active-faith and
no-faith Americans is the cultural disengagement and sense of
independence exhibited by atheists and agnostics in many areas
of life. They are less likely than active-faith Americans to be
registered to vote (78% versus 89%), to volunteer to help a
non-church-related non-profit (20% versus 30%), to describe
themselves as "active in the community" (41% versus 68%),
and to personally help or serve a homeless or poor person
(41% versus 61%). They are also more likely to be registered
to vote as an independent or with a non-mainstream political party.


Joshua P. Allem on 11:56 PM, June 13, 2007 said...

There has always been hostility to Christianity and always will be until the hostile parties have been supernaturally delt with for the last time. As for hostility towards Christianity in the United States, it does seem to be worse these days than it ever has before.


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