Sunday, June 10, 2007

A time for change

Posted by Teresa at 10:52 AM
I've been following the '08 campaign trail lately and
there has been a lot of talk of change. As much as
we would like to think that changing leaders will change
our country, it's not true. Change doesn't start from the
top and trickle down to the people (it is bad Reaganomics).
The biggest problems facing America is not the war in
Iraq, huge deficit, poverty, political corruption, or a
mediocre educational system. Our country has a
heart problem. Isn't it time we just admit that the United
States has had its priorities messed up for a very long time.

We live in a service society. Where people want to be served
but no one wants to serve others. Immigrants are coming into
the country primarily to fill service industry jobs. I read in the
book "One Perfect Day," that Americans are increasingly hiring
wedding planners because more and more Americans don't even
want to plan their own wedding! If one doesn't even want to take the
time to call florists, bakers, photographers, etc. then what makes
that person believe they are going to take the time to work on a

We live in a society where technology is making it easier for us to
zone out from reality. If you don't want to hear sad news today.
That is ok! Just listen to the 1,000 songs in your I pod, watch the
40 hours of television saved on your TIVO, or how about watching
some user made Youtube videos. And you don't have to feel emotions
anymore either. If you're feeling a little down take some Zoloft. If
you're feeling a little anxious pop some Xanex. If you really want some
help read a self help; there are plenty to choose from. Or watch
Dr. Phil and listen to him tell people what idiots they are.

Individuals and communities no longer have an identity. Everyone
is moving to urban cities in coastal areas. Every suburb looks the
same. Each with the same shopping centers and the same retail
stores; all with horrible service. And the people making the products
in the retail stores are probably from an impoverished country

There is also gross disrespect for people in authority. Children talk
back to parents. Rappers tell their listeners no snitching to the police.
Teachers are underpaid.The President of the United States has been
called almost every name in the book on national television. If children
grow up not having to respect their parents, teachers, law enforcement,
or people holding positions in our government then who should they

Culture doesn't shape us, we shape our culture.
Let's stop blaming Washington, Hollywood, the educational system, or
big business for our ills. Because if our hearts were in it we, the American
people, could change those institutions in a minute. So America doesn't only
need a change in leadership, it needs a change of heart.



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