Sunday, June 24, 2007

Yahoo! News: Send us your photos and video

Posted by Teresa at 4:20 PM

Yahoo! News started its campaign 'You Witness News.'
It is collecting video and pictures from citizen journalists.
CNN already has I-Report. I think the trend of citizens
submitting photos, videos, and tips to news organizations is
a fantastic way to get an inside look at a news story or even
shed spotlight on stories traditional media is missing. And I like
the fact that Yahoo! News is trying to get more original
content and not just be another news aggregator. However,
my degree in journalism is increasingly looking less relevant
each passing day. That's ok... it's the fact you graduated and
got a degree that counts. Right???


Phil on 2:00 AM, June 29, 2007 said...

Part of me is a big fan of everyone having a voice. I think that is one of the hallmarks of Democracy...okay it is democracy. We all have a stake in the noble experiment and we should all work hard to do our fair share.

However, I really think most people who call into voice their opinions are only wanting to show their own knowledge. Usually, they show their limited knowledge of an hot-button issue that is merely part of a larger and more complex issue.

I know we will never really lose reporters and journalists. We need them. Honestly and truly we do. These recreational reporters will only be adjuncts to the professionals and I do believe they will be edited by professional editors as well. In that case, we can all be happy that the news will be more open than ever before.


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