Thursday, July 26, 2007

Who Killed the Electric Car?

Posted by Teresa at 9:05 AM

Last night I wasn't feeling too well and I wanted
to lay down and watch some television. So on Encore
they aired the documentary,'Who Killed the Electric
Car?' and it was intriguing from the beginning.The
answer to the question is there were many factors
and motives to death of the electric. In the film they
show the cars being crushed into tiny pieces. This scene
also symbolized to me the crushing of people's hope in
finding innovative alternatives to the current gas fueled

To further embed the message of having fuel
efficient cars into my head, this morning one of my
favorite vloggers posted video of Hybridfest. Here
is Amanda talking hybrids.

America is richest country in the world and we should
be doing innovative things in this field. On just a design
note I thought the electric car had a nice, sleek look.


Phil on 1:50 PM, July 27, 2007 said...

Good point. Imagine if we all put our money where our mouth was and helped people who are trying to change the world. We should never get into a shouting match with evil, that is what it wants. We should just work to fix the problem. Wrote a new post on Meritocracy.

God bless,



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