Thursday, July 26, 2007

Teenage pregnancy highest in Texas

Posted by Teresa at 3:31 PM
I've talked about this issue before so I will make
the post short. Today I found this AP article stating
that Texas had the nation's highest birth rate among
teenagers ages 15 to 19 in 2004. Many will be quick to
blame the abstinence focused sex education in public
schools in Texas. This is such a multi-faceted problem
and I don't think one can believe that sex education is
the all purpose solution.

According to the study, Hispanic teens are more than
3 1/2 times as likely as Anglos to have a baby. I hate to
speculate why this is but it does open up the question
of perhaps some cultural and regional (yes, you Texas!)
underpinnings to the problem.

Recently, I completed my higher education (went to college
and graduate school) and I'm trying to find myself a good job.
I'm 25 years and must admit I'm having trouble adjusting to
the 'real world.' I can not imagine including the responsibility
of another human being on top of the normal life learning
experiences you undergo in the teenage years and early
twenties. It is stressful just thinking about it.


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