Friday, July 27, 2007

People under 30 shouldn't have opinions

Posted by Teresa at 10:34 AM

In this article by Larry Atkins, he makes a simple but
telling point about the relationship between young
people and newspapers. He writes:

If newspapers want to reach out to younger readers,
they need to include their voices.

As most of us have heard by now traditional news
outlets, for example newspapers and evening network
news programs
, are slowly losing their audience. Seems
like teens and young adults are happily trading in The
New York Times and the 'CBS Evening News' for 'The
Daily Show' and 'The Colbert Report.' Cheney is the
one that shot his friend in the face, right? Yeah, Jon
Stewart did a joke on that.

Atkins mainly focuses on the op-ed side of newspapers
and suggests that the opinion section should include young
writers. Sounds fair. He also points out that most syndicated
columnists are over 30 (as if there are no opinionated
writers in their 20s). To all newspapers: I'm available
to work and will opine for food and health insurance.

Cable and most recently the internet have revolutionized
the way we receive information. Many teenagers and young
adults really don't know a world without cable and the web so
traditional media outlets have to adjust the way they
disseminate their product. If a media outlet wants to give
an accurate and fair reflection of the the world around us
then you must include all voices, including like the youth.



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