Sunday, August 5, 2007

Headlines 08-06-07

Posted by Teresa at 4:10 PM
ATM's in the Church Lobby Yo! - Well, many churches
are diversifying the way they accept donations. Members
can make donations online at my church. Is this just local
churches adjusting to modern money transactions?
Democrats get Kostic- So Hillary and Barack didn't listen
to Bill O'Reilly not to attend this convention? Shocking!
Ok... not really.
Stewart snags high profile interviews on the daily- Forget
getting interviewed by Larry King or Diane Sawyer, let's
make awkward jokes and go on The Daily Show. Yeah!
We will aim for the one's that we cannot reach, young people.
And we shall pick on the young one- Now Sen. McCain is calling
Sen. Obama naive like Sen. Clinton did a few weeks ago. I actually
think Obama's newness to the political world is a plus not a minus.
What say you?



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