Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Headlines 08-15-2007

Posted by Teresa at 8:06 PM
Can one be cool and Republican?- I think I'm living
proof you can be.
Romney still kinda confused about abortion- Is
abortion really such an important issue that candidates
always have to get grilled about it?
"The melting pot" makes some uncomfortable-A study
found that as the diversity within a community rises,
the number of people in that community who vote, volunteer
or give to charity falls.
Obama: 'The Decider' can't be blamed for everything
- It looks
like Sen. Obama has been reading my blog.


Anonymous said...


I see you comment occasionally at (I do as well under the name rightside).

I've checked out your blog, and enjoy reading it.

I don't see too many comments, so I thought I would post one and say hello!


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