Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It takes a village

Posted by Teresa at 11:06 AM

I hear a lot of chatter on the internet about how the web
is democratizing America and giving everyone a say in
our government. What I find ironic is the same people
who are glorifying this new 'power to the people' democracy
blame one person for all the troubles our country is facing.
That one person, President Bush. How can people who say
that it's the power of the collective simultaneous claim that
one singe person is the primary ill.

A clear example of this is Senator Hillary Clinton. She talks
about how it 'takes a village' to run a government but then
calls the Iraq War, "Bush's War." Never taking any responsibility
for her vote in authorizing it. Sen. Clinton, are you not part of the
global village?

It appears to me that liberals want our society to be more of a collective one.
I actually sorta agree with them on that. America is becoming too individualistic
of a society. Although, I don't think government can solve people only looking
inwardly. But doesn't a more collective society take mutual responsibility for
the problems they see in their country and not place it on one single person.

It's all the rage to Bush-bash these day. I say go ahead bash all you want and
give him credit for all the horrible things in the world. But while you're doing
that please don't give me any platitudes about how individualistic our society
is. Because the part of society you are decrying is also the very part that you
are happily using to spread your anger.

I'm tired of politicians getting sole credit (good or bad) for things they
they couldn't have possibly done themselves.

Hillary says troops are invisible to Bush.

I see your pain?



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