Saturday, September 29, 2007

Confessing at the alter of media

Posted by Teresa at 3:06 PM

"Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for
other so that you may be healed. "
James 5:16

We all have sins. Some are more open with what their sins
are more than others. There is something cathartic about
letting others know what your vices are so you can be held
accountable or maybe find someone who can relate to what
you are struggling with and help you along. According to this
Wall Street Journal article
(hat tip:,
confession is making a unique comeback.

The unique comeback is partly do to online technology, as
discussed in the article. Anyone can write in a blog or make a
video and post it on Youtube pouring their heart and soul to a
bunch of strangers. There are also several confessing Web sites
like this to divulge your sins.

Perhaps, the appeal of broadcasting your problems on Youtube
and reality television is the documenting of one's life is almost like
confessing. People get to see all your bad habits and faults while they
happen or how you tell them to the camera. There it is your life before
all the world and for others to comment on or in the case of Youtube
to spam on. No more secrets.

Maybe this public airing of wrong doings is in fact an inner need
we all have to confess our sins to God. However, many have replaced
God with the general public and a video camera in the process. The
public can be very forgiving but other people can't wipe you clean of your
sins. God does that.



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