Monday, October 1, 2007

Render to Caesar

Posted by Teresa at 12:21 PM

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Another day, another controversial issue. The Supreme Court
will not be hearing two religion and state cases this session. I
thought I would take some and talk about the separation of church
and state. Every American can agree that mixing religion and our laws
is unconstitutional as set forth in the establishment clause. Also, most
would agree it is generally unwise because it would lead to some sort
of theocracy and no one wants that. The problems lies in deciding what
crosses this line in this wall between church and state.

Does prayer in school cross the line? The Supreme Court has ruled
yes decades ago and add school football games to that. Does having a ten
commandment display in a courtroom violate the establishment clause?
The Supreme Court has ruled yes to that one too. Is displaying a nativity
scene in a public space cross the line? New York City Public schools said yes.
Is using the word "God" in the pledge of allegiance in schools? Some Boulder
students thinks so. Is this issue of separation of Church and State being pushed
so much to the point where it is actually bordering on "prohibiting the free
exercise" of religion?

There are very good reasons why the Constitution has set forth these boundaries.
It is so government and politics should not interfere with each other. I shall remind
Christians it works both ways. It is good to protect the Church from government
influence. Remember Jesus said, "Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are
Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's."

However, I hope all these nos to religion will not inhibit people from public expressions
of their faith for fear it might be deemed offensive. I don't think religion should
be diluted to only be practiced at a local church and at home. I wouldn't as far to say
that there is growing hostility to Christianity, although many are starting to believe so,
but from my own observation there is an increased amount of criticism.

The discussion of separation of Separation of Church and State is an issue that
needs to be addressed within the religious community and also with people
outside the community. There should be no fear from any citizen in this country
that his or her government is turning into a theocratic state. There should also be
no fear that religious speech is limited to only a restricted number of places and
is looked down upon. There has to be a way to balance two.

Ok, my next topic has nothing to do with the establishment clause but it does
have to do with the Supreme Court. I watched the 60 Minutes interview last
night with Justice Clarence Thomas and I am glad we have him serving in the
Supreme Court. Here is a clip:


James Evins said...

You used my photo.. sweet ;)

Thanks for giving credit. Interesting blog, I'd read more if I didn't have to go to work.

Bookmarked for future reading ;)


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