Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Posted by Teresa at 3:54 PM

I will be taking a show off my list of regularly watched
programs this fall. Cold Case absolutely appalled me
when I watched it this Sunday. The show revolved around
a group of teenagers in an abstinence program and one of them
gets stoned to death. Here is a good synopsis of it. And, yes, I did
watch it although I had to change the channel a couple of times
because I knew where it was headed and it wasn't good. So I'm not
complaining without even watching a second.

The whole show was absolutely ridiculous! Is this really what the
writers in Hollywood think Christians do in the real world? They
are more clueless than I thought. I must have missed a headline
about group of abstinent teenagers STONING someone. I was in
a youth group when I was teenager and took an abstinence pledge
and guess what? No one got stoned. Big shocker, huh.

These crime drama shows like to make fictitious stories to
show Christians as the ultimate hypocrites. I say 'crime drama
shows' because I've seen Law and Order and other programs
do this but not to the extent that Cold Case did. But really that's
all they (as in anti-Christian Hollywood writers) really got on their
side. Instead of showing what justice in America looks like they go for
emotional, baseless attacks on groups of people. That is the childish
arguments they are reduced. Instead of making a thoughtful argument
against abstinence programs all they come up with is 'You guys are
hypocrites so there.' It is easy to be labeled a hypocrite when you
actually believe in something.

I know people in television revel in 'shock and awe' programming.
Well, you just 'shocked and awe' me to change the channel from
CBS on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. Eastern/8 p.m. Central. So thanks
you just freed up my time to do other things :)


Alexandra on 9:27 AM, February 25, 2008 said...

Hi Teresa, I'm an avid fan of FBI drama, and I do watch Cold Case. I have to admit, if I had seen this particular episode, I would have crossed it off my list too, even if just for bad writing alone.

I'm surprised that one made it on TV for being so unrealistic. It seems like a really heavy-handed approach for what I assume is their intended goal, which is entertainment, and I'm usuaully pretty open to twisted plots.

Anonymous said...

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